Discover Beyond the City


Queensland beaches ignite pinch-yourself moments as you step onto the sand of some of the world’s best beaches. Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays and Nudey Beach on Fitzroy Island in Tropical North Queensland are just some of the stunners that take out ‘most beautiful beach’ awards by the likes of Trip Advisor and Brad Farmer’s 101 Best Beaches.


There are endless opportunities to explore the waters of the Great Barrier Reef all year-round. From snorkelling off the shore of an island to exploring the outer reef on a day trip.

Discover sparkling blue seas set against crystal white sand and tropical islands. This part of Australia is home to a colourful kaleidoscope of reefs, shoals, coral cays and intriguing shipwrecks teeming with tropical marine life.


Car, 4×4 or campervan, whatever your preferred vehicle of choice, Queensland is jam-packed with on-road and off-road driving holiday adventures to suit every traveller. From coastal drives in convertibles, to red dirt-road tracks in four-wheel drives, the journey is yours to choose.

Indigenous Culture

Queensland is the only place in the world where both of Australia’s Indigenous cultures converge and flourish. Torres Strait and Aboriginal cultures date back over 40,000 years and many descendants still practice their traditions and customs today.

Whether it’s through dance, art or traditional feasts, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people proudly practice and preserve their cultures by sharing it with the next generation.

Immerse yourself in rich culture and history by experiencing Indigenous culture on your next Queensland holiday.


Islands are dotted along Queensland’s 7000km coastline and are scattered up to and along the Great Barrier Reef. From the world’s largest sand islands in the south east to the unspoiled paradise of the Torres Strait, you’ll find an island to fit your next family escape, couple retreat or solo adventure.

Whether you’re after soft silica sand or isolated coral cays with easy access to the reef, our islands have footprint-ready beaches that’ll entice you to throw down a towel, prep your beach umbrella or set up camp and relax.

National Parks

Explore World Heritage rainforests, majestic mountain peaks and the pristine Moreton Bay filled with glorious islands and wildlife within an hour from the city.

With more than 1,000 national parks within the state’s borders, opportunities to encounter rare wildlife in its natural habitat are always around the corner. Explore underground lava tubes, relax at some of the world’s most famous beaches or boot up and hit one of the Great Walks.

Theme Parks

Treat the whole family at a world-class theme park with rides and slides to make your eyes pop, jaw drop and heart stop!


Australian animals are some of the most unique species on the planet. Did you know that over 80% of the creatures that call Australia home are only found here?

While some visitors may be lucky enough to spot our Australian wildlife in the wild, you are guaranteed an up-close-and-personal experience at one of our world-class zoos and sanctuaries, who also promote education and conservation of our unique, native animals.


Queensland can be an overachiever when it comes to boating, showing off with favourable conditions, plenty of fish biting, and World Heritage-hugging waterways. Whether you travel by yacht, houseboat, cruiser or tall ship, there’s a boatload of offshore spots to explore.


Witnessing the awesome strength and beauty of one of the world’s largest marine creatures is an experience you must add to your bucket list. Whether you’re watching Humpback whales on their migration break at Hervey Bay or the Dwarf Minke whales swimming on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland is the perfect place to have a premium whale-watching experience.