ADE Consulting Group is a leading provider of Geotechnical and Environmental services with over 20 years’ experience providing clients in Mining, Oil and Gas, Waste Management and Infrastructure sectors with practical solutions through the successful integration of industry experience, innovative practices and technical excellence.

We aim to not only solve geotechnical and environmental related problems, but to provide proactive, site-specific and practical recommendations, ensuring our clients meet their desired objectives in a cost-effective manner. ADE prides itself on having an experienced team of consultants who provide high quality and efficient service at highly competitive prices.

For over 20 years, Allflow Systems & Solutions has provided customers with premier polymer piping systems and solutions, building relationships based on a commitment to superior quality, performance and value.

We are now recognised as market leaders in supplying systems and package solutions tailored to suit our customers’ needs “on-time every time.”

ATARFIL manufactures high performance GEOMEMBRANES (HDPE –VLDPE-LLDPE-PP) by FLAT-DIE extrusion, developed with the most advanced polymer formulations. Ongoing investment focus on both internal and industry R&D testing ensures Atarfil understands the Geomembrane that provides the highest environmental protection from high risk containments. We have production plants in Europe, Middle East and North America that use the same select resins and formulations to ensure product consistency around the world, supporting the SAFE CONTAINMENT of contaminants in 50+ countries.

Quick Unroll Erosion Control Mat.

Australian Concrete Mats (ACM) is the quick and easy, cost-efficient, sustainable solution to severe and minor erosion issues. Engineered as an effective alternative to methods like rip rap or gabion mattresses, that makes stabilising slopes and protecting waterways easy. The erosion control mat has concrete shapes embedded into polypropylene geogrid, and an underlay of geotextile material to either encourage or inhibit vegetation to grow through the mat. Concrete mats are supplied in rolls, that are easy to handle and quick to install. Once laid down they start working right away, with sound and sustainable long-term benefits!

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AXTER is a world leading international manufacturer of durable reinforced waterproofing membranes.

AXTER manufactures puncture resistant COLETANCHE geomembranes for waterproofing and environmental protection. As the only 5.1 meter wide geomembrane that will not wrinkle, COLETANCHE is the No.1 waterproofing solution for civil engineering and mining structures!

Cirtex is your civil construction partner for retaining wall systems, geosynthetics solutions and earth anchoring. We are committed to making every one of your projects 100% successful. From initial concept through to advance collaboration with your project team, Cirtex has a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide proven, cost-effective solutions to Environmental, Civil and Hydraulic engineering challenges.

Concrete Canvas Ltd (CCL) manufactures four award-winning products based on its core material technology. Concrete Canvas® (CC) GCCM (Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat) is a flexible cement-filled geotextile that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable and waterproof concrete layer. Applications include; channel & canal lining, erosion control and weed suppression. There is no need for mixing or measuring; the concrete is premixed and cannot be over hydrated; it will set underwater and in seawater. Essentially, it’s Concrete on a Roll™.

Concrete Canvas independently tested, assessed and certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) with a exposed life expectancy of 120 years when used in erosion control applications. Concrete Canvas products exceed the minimum requirements of the international standard for GCCM’s , ASTM D8364 – Standard Specification for Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM) Materials

Protecting the Environment – Fabtech is Australia’s premier geomembrane designer and installer. Fabtech has extensive experience as a leading geomembrane installer with a National presence and International partnerships. Fabtech is a proven leader in the multi-disciplined technology that encompasses the lining and covering of dams, reservoirs, landfills, effluent lagoons, tunnels, irrigation channels and tanks. Fabtech’s technical capability is supported with an international network of industry experts and global tier 1 material suppliers.

Geofabrics® has been in the business of building key infrastructure across Australasia and beyond for over 40 years. We help our clients mitigate environmental risk through world leading research and innovative product development.

We work to protect, contain and secure the physical environment using smart geotextile and geosynthetic products. Our vision is to be a solution provider, to supply products that demonstrate cost savings, superior technical performance, safer operations and better environmental outcomes.

Global Synthetics is a leading distributor and manufacturer of a wide range of geosynthetics to service the engineering, construction and building sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific Territory. Global Synthetics is staffed by personnel with a long history in engineering design and specifically, the use of appropriate geosynthetic products to provide value engineered, technically viable solutions to construction projects.

Global Synthetics has a commitment to quality in everything we do. We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers of geosynthetic products, that are technically advanced and are meticulously controlled from raw material purchase, through production and eventually warehouse and delivery to you, our client.

HUESKER Australia provides the Australasian region direct access to 160 years of proven geosynthetics engineering, development, manufacturing, supply and installation experience. HUESKER is the only manufacturer from which woven and knitted geosynthetic reinforcement materials can be obtained directly in the Australasian region. Our highly dedicated local team refines 160 years of real-world global geosynthetics experience and apply it to local conditions, with millions of square metres of high-quality materials applied across the Australasian region successfully.

HUESKER Australia engineers project-specific solutions for our Mining, Roads & Pavements, Environmental and Hydraulic engineering applications. Incorporating global market-leading brands such as MineGrid™, Hatelit C™, Tektoseal™ and SoilTain™ providing our clients technically and commercially appropriate outcomes, consistently.

Jaylon Pacific (along with Jaylon Environmental Systems in WA) are part of the Jaylon Group of Companies with over 30 years’ experience in geosynthetic supply fabrication and installation.

With offices in both Perth and Brisbane, Jaylon offers an Australia wide service for all geosynthetic applications. With factory fabrication facilities in Perth, Jaylon also provide a fabrication and installation service for a broad range of flexible membranes in addition to hdpe and LLDPE.

Jaylon has projects underway across Australia in mining, resources, agriculture landfills and defence industry sectors.


Naue Asia Sdn. Bhd. is an EN ISO 9001-certified company and is part of the global Naue Brand.

As one of the world’s leading geosynthetic manufactures, Naue’s innovative solutions are pioneering sustainable geosynthetics and their applications.

We have considerable experience in supplying premium products and services which assist engineers with solving design problems using sustainable construction practices for environmental, Hydraulic and infrastructure applications. With global product brands such as Bentofix ® X, Bentofix ®, Combigrid ®, Secugrid ® and GreenLine , Naue leads the market of patented, contemporary products for protection and enhancement of the build and natural environment.

Solmax is a geosynthetics pioneer, innovator, and leader. With almost five decades’ experience, our GSE and TenCate Geosynthetics acquisitions make us the world’s largest geosynthetics manufacturer. With plants in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, our geosynthetics are used in critical applications by the biggest names in mining, petroleum, waste management, construction, agriculture and irrigation, civil engineering, hydraulic and environmental works, infrastructure, and transport. Our products safeguard the earth from waste and contaminants, and protect investments, helping preserve the integrity and longevity of vital infrastructure in the toughest environments. With expertise across all geosynthetics categories, Solmax is an innovation powerhouse. Our vision is to advance the geosynthetics industry, raising standards and creating products that are more reliable, stronger, resistant to contaminants, and accessible everywhere.

Solmax – geosynthetics that support human progress. Visit us at

Containment is in our name and it’s what we do best. ‘Teneo’, derived from Latin for containment defines our expertise and sees us as the only vertically integrated containment delivery team in Australia.

Tiltex Australia has over 40 years experience in the geosynthetic industry.

Our exclusive Tiltex B Anti Cracking GCCM incorporates a unique Anti Cracking fibre enhancement as part of it’s high strength, rapid setting cement-sand mix. These exclusive properties add durability, strength and flexibility with the ability to withstand extreme climate fluctuations. Tiltex B has 80MPa Compressive Strength & 16.1MPa Flexural Strength*.

Tiltex B Anti Cracking GCCM replaces rip rap, stone chipping, grout blankets, shotcrete, concrete, bitumen geomembrane and other traditional erosion control materials at reduced costs and a faster installation.

Our solution based upon in house engineering and design team work with client’s designers, engineers and project managers to provide the best project solution possible.

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Willowstick is a technology company that maps, models and predicts groundwater paths and patterns. The Willowstick method is non-invasive and identifies the location and depth of leaks through, under or around dams, tailings dams, canals, levees, and mining pits. We provide maps and site models with the coordinates of preferential flow paths, allowing our clients to save time and money by targeting their remediation efforts.

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