Jie Han

ABSTRACT: In recent years, the sustainability and resilience of infrastructure have emerged as important topics within civil engineering and society as a whole. The fundamental principles guiding sustainable construction involve minimizing resource consumption, maximizing resource reuse, utilizing renewable or recyclable resources, and safeguarding the natural environment. Infrastructure is increasingly impacted by climate stressors such as sea level rise, storm surge, floods, and extreme temperatures, which necessitate the enhancement of its resilience. This lecture will focus on recent advancements in leveraging geosynthetics to bolster the sustainability and resilience of infrastructure. Examples include the utilization of geosynthetics combined with recycled aggregates for road construction, the application of wicking geotextiles to mitigate freeze-thaw issues, the implementation of geosynthetic-reinforced mats for stormwater drainage and erosion protection, and the deployment of back-to-back geosynthetic-reinforced soil walls to safeguard infrastructure against storm surge and floods.