Jorge G. Zornberg, Ph.D., P.E., F. ASCE
Brunswick-Abernathy Regents Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
Past-President, International Geosynthetics Society (IGS)

ABSTRACT: Even though geosynthetics are now a well-established discipline within geotechnical engineering, design continues to be particularly more resourceful when adopting them in an ever-growing number of projects. This is probably because of the ability to tailor the mechanical and hydraulic properties of geosynthetics in a controlled manner to address design needs in all areas of geotechnical engineering. This presentation focuses on specific advances involving the use of geosynthetics that highlights the significant breath of geotechnical projects. Specifically, this presentation addresses the resourcefulness when adopting geosynthetics in the design of earth dams, resistive barriers, unsaturated soil covers, veneer slopes, hydraulic systems, deep foundations, bridge abutments, retaining walls, embankments, and roadways.

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